The Holistic Living At Our Utah Retirement Community

A healthy living space ideally meant for elders who need a place to unwind and be on their own. Summerfield Retirement is the perfect Utah retirement community – it’s a peaceful locality with all facilities required for easy living, at a reachable distance. We take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on living your life of retirement to the full.

Retirement Communities Utah

Here at Summerfield Retirement Utah retirement community, we understand that retirement is the phase of life when individuals will have more time available to explore new experiences and enjoy life. A convenient location and a full range of activities that cater for every aspect of life from quality food and drink to spiritual and social needs, making the perfect setting to get the most from an active retirement.

Summerfield Retirement was set up as a solution for the various challenges faced in growing old. Through our Utah retirement community, we have addressed the six dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, occupational, social, and spiritual – with a sense of purpose to help our residents lead a safe and independent life.

The holistic living at Summerfield Retirement:

Physical – healthy living starts with a healthy body; and physical wellness includes balanced nutrition, restful sleep, and adequate exercise.

Intellectual – learning is a process that never stops and at Summerfield Retirement, you will get plenty of opportunities to keep your creative juices flowing.

Emotional – managing stress by taking a step back from the fast pace of city life happens naturally at Summerfield Retirement.

Occupational – this is the time to let your talent come to the forefront; those passions that had been sacrificed at the altar of family responsibilities. Share your recipe, organize a drama or start a music class; we are here to help you through.

Social – strengthen old friends and forge new ones at Summerfield Retirement. For us, social wellness is all about maintaining a meaningful relationship in the society we live in.

Spiritual – get strength and inspiration by staying in touch with both your inner self and a higher power through our spiritual wellness programs. And with like-minded people, you will realize that you belong and are loved.

retirement Communities Utah

Summerfield Retirement Utah retirement community believes that the years after retirement is the best time of the life – family responsibilities have been fulfilled and worries can be left behind.

For any doubts, you can call us or send us an email.


Utah Retirement Community That You Have Always Dreamed Of

Summerfield believes that enjoying life is what Utah retirement community should be all about. Thus we hire only the best people who truly care about seniors and understand their needs. Our property is also designed to be as beautiful and practical as they are welcoming.

Utah Retirement Community

Life’s Better Here

Step through the beautiful doors and enter into a world of vibrant senior living. We are different from most Utah retirement community. More than just a place to live, our residence is where seniors thrive and engage with a community of vibrant, like-minded people.

Your life

You have always lived each day to the fullest and been there for your family and friends. At Summerfield, this good life continues. We stand for uncompromised service, convenience, and understated elegance. Our services will exceed your expectations of what Utah retirement community can be.

Your independence

We support your choices and not define them. Banish all thoughts of being ushered through meals and activities. It’s your choice, your freedom to decide which programs or clubs to join, how to keep active and when to simply relax. You are in control, making it easier to pursue your exceptional lifestyle.

Your wellbeing

A balanced lifestyle has many facets – physical activity, eating healthy, socializing and much more. Your personal recipe for well being will be our customized goal for you.

Your community

Summerfield’s location has the advantage of city living close at hand, making it easier for you to enjoy them. Our location is bordered with Mount Timpanogos, shops, services, café’s, restaurant, cinema halls, Timpanogos hospital, and the freeway. Options for shopping, dining, and socializing are endless.

Your security

Total peace of mind in Summerfield secures community. Staff is on-duty 24 hours a day to ensure your complete comfort and safety. Should there be an emergency our 24-hour call light assistance is there within your reach at any location within the community.

Your connections

We make it ever easy to stay connected with your near and dear ones. Invite them over for lunch or dinner, arrange trouble-free visits to them or take a lesson on Facebook or Skype and keep up with your cross country relatives and friends.

Utah Retirement

We want your retirement to be everything you dreamed of and more!

You deserve an address that makes you proud of each and every time you come home! Reserve your suite today.

Hobbies at Utah Retirement Community for Staying Busy

One key advantage of retirement and senior living is more time to devote to activities that you love and have wanted to try, if only you could fit them into your schedule.

Thanks to retirement, now is the time.

At Summerfield Utah retirement community, groups of people meet regularly because they share a passion for a particular hobby or want to learn a new skill. Some meet on their own, while others are led in activities by members of our staff. Over the years we have seen how hobbies bring together seniors who share interests, resulting in more opportunities to socialize and improve physical and mental health.

Some choose physically engaging hobbies

  • Exercise

It does not mean participating in strenuous activity, rather it means, staying physically fit and active in many forms. Swimming, yoga, low impact physical activity, etc can help you stay in shape and keep your body moving

  • Dancing

Another great form of exercise and socialize, which is fun, improving your mental health, balance, gait and overall mobility

  • Gardening

Get fresh air and get your body moving. Tending to plants and flowers relieves stress, encourages motor skills, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature.

  • Walking

Either with a pet or a friend or by yourself, walking is beneficial to everyone in every form.

While others choose mental stimulating hobbies

  • Painting

This gives you the opportunity to explore your imagination and express your creative side. And you can hang your room to brighten up your living space.

  • Knitting

And sewing and crocheting – creating things with your own hands is a way to stay creative and keeping the mind sharp. Perhaps, if you wish, you could sell your items and earn some extra income.

  • Games

Like puzzles and cards; these are enjoyable for people of all ages. As for our residents, it gives their brains a healthy challenge and is one of the best ways to socialize.

Hobbies are a great way to express yourself, be creative, make friends and keeping oneself active and alert.

If you are looking for a great Utah retirement community, Summerfield Retirement offers the very best care for seniors. We would welcome your visit, please contact us to schedule one.

Best Independent Living Facility In Utah

Seniors are not just defined by the numerical age! It’s the ultimate definition of people who have lived a life with self-esteem and respect and thus now deserve nothing but the best.

Senior living community – the gift of dignity and independent living is a great boon to the elderly to overcome the ‘empty nest’ syndrome and to enjoy retirement years. More and more seniors are therefore opting for independent living retirement communities and lead a life of dignity.

The younger generation can be rest assured about their parent’s well –being, and the older folks can live their life peacefully without being dependent on their children and curbing them from flying off in search of better avenues.

Independent living homes are holistic living communities replete with all the facilities one could ask for – right from senior friendly interiors and architecture to prompt medical attention and everything in between.

Summerfield independent living facility

When the living is easy and life is filled with friends, activities, and entertainment, the feedback we often receive at Summerfield retirement is, “Why didn’t we come here sooner?”

Here, our residents get the best of both worlds – combing the freedom to come and go as you please (subject to terms and conditions) and companionship of a village community. Whilst residents are completely independent, they will feel secure knowing they have priority access to full care facility within the community. This allows our residents to relax and enjoy all that our independent living facility has to offer.

Our community is nestled amongst beautifully landscaped garden surrounded by friendly neighbors. Maintenance, lawn mowing and window cleaning are included, so you will have time to improve the quality of your life with physical activities, social engagement, intellectual stimulation, creativity and embracing other resident’s culture and spirituality.

With activities and entertainment right at your doorstep, the only trouble is deciding what to do. Our activity program is all about embracing opportunities and activities that have been thoughtfully planned out, is age appropriate and make the most of our beautiful facility. Still, you can be as social as you wish, or enjoy the comforts of your apartment. It’s simply up to you (though we do encourage everyone to be more socially active).

Life at Summerfield Retirement also includes assisted living, medical support, dietary support, companionship, love and care, security and an opportunity of being neighbors with your friends! So, pick up your phone reach out to us for the best independent living services in Utah.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Retirement Communities Utah

Many older adults recognize that moving into a retirement community can significantly improve their quality of life, but they are unsure what to look for in retirement communities Utah.

Retirement Communities Utah

There are many things to consider apart from the cost before you take a decision. While it may not be an easy decision, weighing the key factors will help you find a retirement community that works best for you.


Envision the life you want to lead; create a vision for your future. Think about how you’d like to spend a typical day or week.  Take Summerfield Retirement as an example. We provide life enrichment programs benefiting every area of our resident’s life and our location also allows our residents to experience the city, from theater to music to architecture and more.


Your surrounding will make you happy and will support your chosen lifestyle – hustle and bustle of an urban setting vs tranquil setting with a view. Summerfield Retirement offers both the view of Mount Timpanogos and the city energy.


The apartment design is just as important. Our coordinator helps create the ideal space with the exact finishes you want.  And our community environment is vibrant, collaborative and supportive for you and our staff alike. Not many retirement communities Utah foster this casual, friendly environment.


One of the biggest reasons to move to a retirement community is to have better, easier access to activities that will keep you moving, exercising and staying healthy. We have a variety of planned activities, well-kept activity area and trained professionals to help you get the most out of our facility.


How are medication managed for residents at retirement communities Utah? This should, in fact, be the topmost consideration while choosing a retirement home. The best communities will have medical facilities nearby, on-site trained staff 24 hours a day and offer continued care without any hindrance. Summerfield Retirement fulfills the entire above prerequisite.


Is there a dedicated chef and wait staff preparing and serving meals or is it mass produced? If you want a quick snack or a coffee in the middle of the day, will it be served with a smile? Investigate your shortlisted retirement communities Utah by paying them a visit and you may just be surprised.

Retirement In Utah


Many elders fear that retirement communities will be too restrictive. Communities including ours have some rules in place and for good reasons.  And if you know what to look for, it's not overly difficult to find a community that works well with your needs.

If you are interested in joining a retirement community, you will not want to miss the opportunity at Summerfield Retirement.

Find Solace In Retirement Communities Utah

Yours truly!

Summerfield Retirement is a custom designed assisted & independent retirement communities Utah nurturing the mind, body, and soul of our resident.  We even offer opportunities for activity while respecting individual independence. We handle cooking, cleaning, maintenance and laundry, leaving you free to relax and enjoy retirement.

In other words, we are committed to partnering with residents to create an individualized retirement lifestyle. We believe our model of customizing a resident’s retirement experience means residents live happier, healthier and longer lives. It’s a great honor to have the trust of our residents and their families.  We are proud of the high-quality service we provide and it’s a privilege to be entrusted with caring for the most important person in your life.

We know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe in a retirement community living environment, which is why we provide a number of housing options and services that enhance the experience.

Our service options include:

Independent living

Our independent living options provide worry-free living and all-inclusive fees as-well-as year-round social & cultural activities. Residents have the freedom to live according to their own schedules. Their private retirement apartments provide the freedom of home with the security of on-call assistance and maintenance free living.

Assisted Living

Summerfield Retirement offers the best of both worlds – all benefits of our retirement community along with a full spectrum of services specially tailored for individual needs. This combines housing, support services, and health care as needed.

The assisted living is ideal for residents that need aid with bathing, dressing, and medication, but do not need skilled medical care. Services and amenities include 24-hour emergency response system, chef-prepared meals, housekeeping services, fitness facilities, beauty and barber shop, monitoring of general health and well being, etc.

Our retirement community Utah is designed to let you live the lifestyle you are accustomed to without all the hassle of ownership. We offer activities and trips for residents both on and off campus to suit all types of preferences. There are social hours, presentations, and social clubs for residents to participate in.

When you are looking for the best active retirement communities, we think you will find it worth your while to visit.

Assisted Living Utah Community – A Place Where You can be Alone but Never Lonely

Assisted living can give seniors a new lease of life; it can be the best place for them.

Don’t believe us; read the facilities offered at Summerfield assisted living Utah community and be surprised.


As safe as we may try to be, accidents do happen. For this, we have the:

  • 24-hour emergency alert system in every room
  • Trained professionals who work round the clock to attend to these emergencies
  • Installations like bars to grab onto while in the shower or ramps
  • Panic call buttons that go a long way in reducing falls and accidents.
  • Non-slippery floors


People tend to eat better when they have company. We take pride in:

  • Individualized dining care
  • Exceptional dining facilities
  • Healthy, nutritious meals
  • Specially trained staff to accommodate health risks associated with aging
  • Balanced meals for each member
  • Three freshly prepared meals a day


Recreation experiences promote physical and mental well being. We at Summerfield Assisted Living Utah community are committed to offer:

  • Jam-packed calendar of social activities
  • Programs that will challenge your mind, body, and spirit
  • Group trips for shopping, church service, and travel
  • Every program is created with varying interest and abilities in mind
  • Interest clubs, excrusions, dance classes, celebrations, etc.
  • Other physical activities like walking clubs, yoga, line dancing, tai chi, gardening, etc.

No worry

Moving into an assisted living Utah Community will give you benefits like

  • Home maintenance becomes a thing of the past
  • If your needs change down the road, we can offer an additional level of support
  • Countless opportunities for lifelong learning, creativity, and activities
  • Your loved ones will have peace of mind that you are enjoying a vibrant lifestyle with all the support to thrive

When your elderly loved one comes to Summerfield, they can engage in many recreations designed for seniors. We understand that you want them to be in a fulfilling, enriching environment and we work to individualize the experience for every one of our residents.

Are you interested in finding out more about us? Contact us or book an appointment for a tour of our assisted living Utah community.




Senior Living Utah Community For Your Body, Mind And Spirit

Now is the time to enjoy the best that life has to offer without the daily demands of home maintenance.

At Summerfield Retirement, we have the experience, facilities, and industry-leading care to help you enjoy the quality of life in your golden years.

Our mission is to enable our residents to live in a cohesive community where older people receive holistic, person-centered and respectful care; where staff belongs to a professional and dynamic interdisciplinary care team.

At Summerfield Retirement, we understand that for many of our residents and their families moving into a senior living Utah community is the beginning for an emotional and spiritual journey, where peace of mind for all the family is essential. To assist you and your family along this journey, we are dedicated to providing a strict standard of care and support needed to maintain a high quality of life within a nurturing community.

  • In our senior living Utah community – amidst beautiful, tranquil surroundings, our highly professional team including a registered nurse, doctors, physiotherapist, dentist, and other healthcare professionals will attend to your every need with the aim to provide you with a better quality of life.
  • This is the place where you can simply be yourself – mindful, valued, dignified, and as independent as possible.
  • Our team works with you, assisting you with personal care, meals, medications and enabling you to join a variety of activities as needed by you. Care programs are tailored to each resident’s needs.
  • Three delicious, home cooked meals are served daily. Our dedicated kitchen staff is both personal and hard-working; creating meals with taste, variety, and nutrition in mind.
  • An array of activities are available each day such as our wellness programs, in-house entertainments, daily exercise classes, art classes, music therapy, gardening, church services and movies in our theater. Our activities are designed to suit everyone’s unique interest.
  • We provide scheduled transportation to local shopping and recreational outings. Summerfield Retirement is in close proximity to many points of interests in Utah.
  • Residents can look good and feel great by taking advantage of our in-house beauty and barber shop.

Summerfield Retirement believes that quality care and the support of a community can help seniors maintain physical, mental and emotional health. We have aimed to provide more than a senior living Utah community – a home where residents will thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

All You Need To Know About The Best Senior Living Utah Community

Life at Summerfield Retirement is like embarking on a new adventure each day. With a blend of engaging activities and celebrations every now & then, days spent at Summerfield Retirement are nothing short of pure bliss.

Through our tested unique blend of senior living Utah services, we touch every senior resident and their loved ones. Our care services are the result of our core principles to provide the highest quality of care services to our seniors with responsibility, compassion, joy, pride, and individual choice. We ensure that our residents lead a carefree and independent life with time to indulge in your favorite hobbies. You wouldn’t need to lift a finger to do any mundane chores apart from ringing a bell to ask for the task to be done.

Like for housekeeping, we have professionally trained and courteous staff experienced in elderly care living. They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your living apartments as well as the common areas.

And you will not be bored at Summerfield Retirement. Our rich variety of programs offers something for everyone. Get inspired to stay active and energized! Our colorful, vibrant gathering spaces are perfect for community parties and social event. Chat with your friends, throw a birthday party, or have a fun karaoke night. Now is the time to take center stage and play at life.

Simultaneously make your health your daily priority. yoga, meditation, aquatic classes, dancing, walking clubs are among many other outdoor activities we organize to keep you fit at our senior living Utah community.

A healthy body = a healthy mind.

Savor life at Summerfield Retirement. You will be sure to have freshly prepared meals that tickle the taste buds and keep you feeling energized. Weekly menus are set in consultation with dieticians to ensure that a well balanced and nutritious diet is served.

In short, our concoction of senior living Utah services is designed to address the physical, social, intellectual, emotional, cultural, spiritual and financial needs of every resident.

We invite you to the euphoria of aging with fellow seniors where each of you relishes, rejoice, rewind, and recreate your younger days all over again.

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Enjoy Every Day Easy Living At Retirement Communities Utah

Not all retirement communities in Utah are created equal. Summerfield Retirement offers a village atmosphere nestled in the beautiful Timpanogos Mountains.

It’s the perfect balance of location and convenience and sets a new standard of retirement communities Utah living. You will be surrounded by natural splendor along with nearby galleries, shops, restaurants, and sports clubs – all just a short drive or bus ride away.  Within our community enjoy landscaped gardens and open views of preserved wetlands and rolling hills.

Now that you’re retired, you have all the time in the world to enjoy the best things in life, from simple pleasures like gardening and walking to the chance to learn new skills and make new friends. Our community is designed to connect you with others through shared facilities, services, and activities. And having the freedom to pick and choose what makes the difference.

Summerfield Retirement is all about trust. We provide personalized care services to meet your needs. We make home care simple – your dedicated manager works with you to design a customized care plan to provide the support you need every day.

If you want to meet friends for a coffee or lunch, enjoy a game of chess or scrabble, curl up by an open fire with a good book and learn a new skill; you are free to plan your day as per your wish. You could even spend your time relaxing in the verandah or tinkering in the crafts, at the library, entertainment room, or barber and beauty shop.

Summerfield Retirement is more than just a roof over your head and for our caring and compassionate staff members; Summerfield is more than just a job. Our kind and caring approach are carried out together with our values, taking a holistic approach to your health and well being. Once you move into our retirement community Utah and later on down the track, you find the need for a little extra support, we can tailor services for you accordingly so that you continue to live independently.

This is also a place where older people who are socially isolated or frail can experience social interactions in a friendly atmosphere. Our residents enjoy living in this retirement community Utah and often say they wish they had moved a lot sooner.

Summerfield retirement community Utah is all part of giving you the opportunity to make most of your retirement.  

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