6 Reasons We Recommend Regular Exercise at our Utah Assisted Living Community

Utah assisted living communities such as Summerfield is designed for active seniors who want to live life to the fullest, maybe with the aid of some help in daily living. Utah assisted living actually means someone is around 24/7 who knows what to do during an emergency while you enjoy your life as independently as you like.

Yes! We are there to help you in every step of the way, to keep you physically and mentally healthy. And this is the reason we focus on regular exercises, fun activities, and healthy eating.

Do you know regular exercise is needed to foster good mental health and help you stay strong and healthy?

Read on to know more:

Games stimulate brains

Creative indoor games and board games help brains retain and build cognitive skills, enhancing the part of the brain responsible for complex thought and memory formation.

Reduce stress

There is always a good amount of laughter while participating in games. Having fun will keep you happy healthy and stress-free.

Best opportunity to socialize

Spending quality time with like-minded community members is a priceless gift every senior receives from our Utah Assisted living community.

Keeps Dementia and Alzheimer at bay

A strong mind never loses its power. Mentally active seniors reduce the risk of cognitive decline which is the main reason for dementia and Alzheimer.

Improves immune system

Positive feelings and thoughts improve immunity by releasing chemicals that fight stress and improves the immune system.


Many board games require the use of fine motor skills to pick up and move pieces, actions that take both coordination and dexterity. Regular practice improves their basic skills working as a therapy for them.

Let's take the example of BINGO!

  • This simple game enhances hand-eye coordination
  • It boosts cognitive abilities
  • Improves physical health
  • Increases socialization
  • Accelerates healing and recuperation 

Exercise is important for the treatment and management of many lifestyle diseases as well. We make sure that all are residents enjoy retirement, travel and enjoy time with their near and dear ones by keeping active.

Now that you know that remaining active and socially engaged provides significant benefits to you. If you are looking for Utah assisted living community for a loved one or for yourself, contact us.

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