Assisted Living Utah Community – A Place Where You can be Alone but Never Lonely

Assisted living can give seniors a new lease of life; it can be the best place for them.

Don’t believe us; read the facilities offered at Summerfield assisted living Utah community and be surprised.


As safe as we may try to be, accidents do happen. For this, we have the:

  • 24-hour emergency alert system in every room
  • Trained professionals who work round the clock to attend to these emergencies
  • Installations like bars to grab onto while in the shower or ramps
  • Panic call buttons that go a long way in reducing falls and accidents.
  • Non-slippery floors


People tend to eat better when they have company. We take pride in:

  • Individualized dining care
  • Exceptional dining facilities
  • Healthy, nutritious meals
  • Specially trained staff to accommodate health risks associated with aging
  • Balanced meals for each member
  • Three freshly prepared meals a day


Recreation experiences promote physical and mental well being. We at Summerfield Assisted Living Utah community are committed to offer:

  • Jam-packed calendar of social activities
  • Programs that will challenge your mind, body, and spirit
  • Group trips for shopping, church service, and travel
  • Every program is created with varying interest and abilities in mind
  • Interest clubs, excrusions, dance classes, celebrations, etc.
  • Other physical activities like walking clubs, yoga, line dancing, tai chi, gardening, etc.

No worry

Moving into an assisted living Utah Community will give you benefits like

  • Home maintenance becomes a thing of the past
  • If your needs change down the road, we can offer an additional level of support
  • Countless opportunities for lifelong learning, creativity, and activities
  • Your loved ones will have peace of mind that you are enjoying a vibrant lifestyle with all the support to thrive

When your elderly loved one comes to Summerfield, they can engage in many recreations designed for seniors. We understand that you want them to be in a fulfilling, enriching environment and we work to individualize the experience for every one of our residents.

Are you interested in finding out more about us? Contact us or book an appointment for a tour of our assisted living Utah community.




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