Best Independent Living Facility In Utah

Seniors are not just defined by the numerical age! It’s the ultimate definition of people who have lived a life with self-esteem and respect and thus now deserve nothing but the best.

Senior living community – the gift of dignity and independent living is a great boon to the elderly to overcome the ‘empty nest’ syndrome and to enjoy retirement years. More and more seniors are therefore opting for independent living retirement communities and lead a life of dignity.

The younger generation can be rest assured about their parent’s well –being, and the older folks can live their life peacefully without being dependent on their children and curbing them from flying off in search of better avenues.

Independent living homes are holistic living communities replete with all the facilities one could ask for – right from senior friendly interiors and architecture to prompt medical attention and everything in between.

Summerfield independent living facility

When the living is easy and life is filled with friends, activities, and entertainment, the feedback we often receive at Summerfield retirement is, “Why didn’t we come here sooner?”

Here, our residents get the best of both worlds – combing the freedom to come and go as you please (subject to terms and conditions) and companionship of a village community. Whilst residents are completely independent, they will feel secure knowing they have priority access to full care facility within the community. This allows our residents to relax and enjoy all that our independent living facility has to offer.

Our community is nestled amongst beautifully landscaped garden surrounded by friendly neighbors. Maintenance, lawn mowing and window cleaning are included, so you will have time to improve the quality of your life with physical activities, social engagement, intellectual stimulation, creativity and embracing other resident’s culture and spirituality.

With activities and entertainment right at your doorstep, the only trouble is deciding what to do. Our activity program is all about embracing opportunities and activities that have been thoughtfully planned out, is age appropriate and make the most of our beautiful facility. Still, you can be as social as you wish, or enjoy the comforts of your apartment. It’s simply up to you (though we do encourage everyone to be more socially active).

Life at Summerfield Retirement also includes assisted living, medical support, dietary support, companionship, love and care, security and an opportunity of being neighbors with your friends! So, pick up your phone reach out to us for the best independent living services in Utah.

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