Experience Living at Retirement Communities Utah

At many Retirement communities Utah such as Summerfield Retirement, wellness means supporting residents in maintaining healthy lifestyle choices. For us, it includes eating a healthy diet, getting enough physical exercise, and keeping the mind active and engaged.

Retirement Communities Utah

A hearty and carefree enjoyment of life is evident in the residents through our countless social activities and special events making every day a GOOD MOOD DAY. We revitalize the mind, body and mood with classes and fitness activities to interest groups and social events. And energize you with a variety of fun programs like art exhibits, wine tasting, seminars and many more. There is always a good time to be in a good mood at Summerfield Retirement.

We make it easy to get moving and stay active! Every program we offer accommodates a variety of fitness levels, so everyone can join in to improve strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and overall well being. Retirement communities Utah understands and recognizes that residents abilities and tastes vary, so we try to offer something for everyone and allow you, our beloved residents to choose from an array of enriching and sometimes unconventional activities.

All you need to do is step outside your room and experience living. You can take a stroll, go to the clubhouse where you are very likely to bump into someone for a good chat or join a social group, event or activity for enjoyment.

And you can set it at your own pace. While there is plenty to do, it is your choice as to how much or how little, you choose to do.

Retirement Communities Utah

Talking about unconventional activities, we have computer, painting and even writing workshops encouraging our residents to never stop expanding their horizons. Then the dance classes, field trips, excursion are viewed as a pleasure by our residents rather than a chore.

There are an infinite variety of activities at our retirement communities, which clearly shows how we have moved beyond Bingo!

Retirement communities Utah especially Summerfield Retirement; it is something special. It is simply about being able to enjoy life with the assurance of caring, committed and expert staff that make you feel at home. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Book a tour!

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