Experience The Best Retirement Communities UTAH Services

Stroll through the doors of a retirement community in Utah and you will be surprised. Folks are having fun, the staff is cheerful, and the vibe – energetic, tranquil and cozy all at the same time.

Summerfield retirement community Utah has over 15 years of experience serving seniors. Over the years we have perfected our approach to helping people of retirement age enjoy their independence, free from the burden of home ownership and its maintenance.

It is truly more resort than a retirement community. Live as you always have without having to mow the lawn, fix a leaky pipe or even vacuum. We offer independent living and assisted living services in our home-like retirement community Utah.

Our retirement community is located in Utah, nestled in the hilly neighborhood, and is beautiful, inviting and fun. Retirement looks different here. Every design decision, every programming details, every staffing choice, is made with residents at the center.

 Our residents enjoy convenient access to shopping, dining and medical services in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. They can enjoy scenic surroundings by planning excursions while others can grab a cup of coffee together before heading out to a day of shopping. Well, they don’t have to leave the community to have a grand adventure. Our challenging fitness classes, fun social hours and varied on-site entertainment bring fun right to your door.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, working round the clock to ensure your comfort. Our staff is passionate about serving seniors to ensure residents enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle. Our residents are in charge of their days; designing the retirement they have always dreamed of while our talented and experienced staff assists when needed.

Our retirement community Utah is little different in the sense that though residents are in charge of their lives. We are also dependant on them to help us create communities where seniors can live a happier and healthier life. We work side by side with the resident council to ensure we’re meeting the needs and desires of today’s retirees.

Our approach to care is centered around our residents, their families, and their unique needs. Come and see what a retirement community Utah with a heart look like at Summerfield.

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