Hobbies at Utah Retirement Community for Staying Busy

One key advantage of retirement and senior living is more time to devote to activities that you love and have wanted to try, if only you could fit them into your schedule.

Thanks to retirement, now is the time.

At Summerfield Utah retirement community, groups of people meet regularly because they share a passion for a particular hobby or want to learn a new skill. Some meet on their own, while others are led in activities by members of our staff. Over the years we have seen how hobbies bring together seniors who share interests, resulting in more opportunities to socialize and improve physical and mental health.

Some choose physically engaging hobbies

  • Exercise

It does not mean participating in strenuous activity, rather it means, staying physically fit and active in many forms. Swimming, yoga, low impact physical activity, etc can help you stay in shape and keep your body moving

  • Dancing

Another great form of exercise and socialize, which is fun, improving your mental health, balance, gait and overall mobility

  • Gardening

Get fresh air and get your body moving. Tending to plants and flowers relieves stress, encourages motor skills, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature.

  • Walking

Either with a pet or a friend or by yourself, walking is beneficial to everyone in every form.

While others choose mental stimulating hobbies

  • Painting

This gives you the opportunity to explore your imagination and express your creative side. And you can hang your room to brighten up your living space.

  • Knitting

And sewing and crocheting – creating things with your own hands is a way to stay creative and keeping the mind sharp. Perhaps, if you wish, you could sell your items and earn some extra income.

  • Games

Like puzzles and cards; these are enjoyable for people of all ages. As for our residents, it gives their brains a healthy challenge and is one of the best ways to socialize.

Hobbies are a great way to express yourself, be creative, make friends and keeping oneself active and alert.

If you are looking for a great Utah retirement community, Summerfield Retirement offers the very best care for seniors. We would welcome your visit, please contact us to schedule one.

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