Make The Transition Into An Assisted Living Utah Community With Ease

It's tough to watch your parent’s age. It’s especially hard when they need to move to an assisted living Utah facility. This transition is never as simple as we may like.  Once the transition is done, the involvement still continues till they adjust to the new surroundings.

Assisted Living Utah

We would like to offer some suggestions and guidelines to smooth the transition process Into An Assisted Living Utah Communityas much as possible.

Time – firstly, give your parents plenty of time to mull over the idea and prepare themselves for a move to an assisted living Utah community. Secondly, it takes between three to six months to adjust to a new environment. Let your parents adjust, while you stay focused on the reasons you made this decision (health, safety, security, etc).

Visits – it’s easy to feel ignored when someone is adjusting to a whole new life. Visit your parents often, bring them for regular dinners at your home, take them out shopping or to the movies; just to make sure they know you are not forgetting them. But at the same time remember to give them enough space so they can make new friends and enjoy themselves.

Staff – actively involve the staff in helping with the transition. At every Assisted Living Utah facility, the staffs are professionals who have helped countless seniors make the move. Like at Summerfield Retirement, family members can call up and ask questions anytime, even if it’s a small one. If something is bothering you, it’s best to ask for help and answers.

Setbacks – there will be a time when they will tell you that they are lonely, or they don’t like their new friends or they might simply just lash out at you for no reason. These moments are hearts wrenching and it’s not easy for anyone. But these are normal and this too shall pass.

Assisted Living Utah

There are many more ways of moving smoothly into assisted living Utah. Such as creating a familiar environment in their new place, have family and friends call them more often, participate in activities with them at the facility, etc.

At Summerfield Retirement, we understand that every resident is different and we help each one of them move in the best way they prefer. We ensure that every move we make contributes to making our resident’s life healthy, secure and enjoyable. 

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