Assisted Living Utah Community

‘Keep your independence, even if your needs change.’

Summerfield Retirement assisted living offers help with everyday activities to every elderly resident while allowing them to live their life their way.

Their full range of services is:

ü  A clean home

ü  Fresh Linen

ü  Delicious meals

ü  Personal care

ü  Great maintenance

ü  Friendly staff

But do you think these amenities are sufficient for living fulfilling and happy lives?

We, humans, are social creatures at heart, we all need to engage in social activities and remain connected with others. But for some starting a conversation can be intimidating.

At Summerfield assisted living Utah all facilities are designed with the purpose of providing opportunities for seniors to engage and connect. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of regularly scheduled activities and programs that are created with their interests in mind, to educate, inspire and entertain.

Summerfield is always looking for new ways to encourage seniors to take advantage of the many opportunities to engage and create a new friendship.

ü  For residents who fear of making a fool of themselves, a guest is invited to join them or even the professional starts demonstrating the activity himself.

ü  Our professionals emphasize that there is no hurry and assist them with the activity till they have built up confidence.

ü  We try to find like-minded peers or invite resident in a small group with similar personality and demeanor.

ü  We don’t push our resident into an activity; rather we give them time to find their own unique way to connect with their neighbors.

Several studies show the positive impact on overall quality of life when seniors engage in social activities and remain connected with others.

About Summerfield retirement assisted living Utah community

Located in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos, our residence offers a panoramic view of the mountains and indoors there are extensive gardens offering plenty of space to walk and enjoy the outdoors. Only minutes away from Timpanogos hospital, shopping centers, and amenities such as supermarket, library, church, bus stop, and freeway are readily accessible. Everything done at Summerfield assisted living Utah community is centered on providing the best place to live.


No matter what level of care is required, individuality is recognized to ensure that independence is maximized. 

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