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Let’s Celebrate Life at Retirement Communities Utah

Located in picture perfect setting of Mount Timpanogos, there lays a hidden gem – a retirement community radiating friendship, fun, and care. A home dedicated to serving seniors with love and compassion, just like a second family.

There is something special about Summerfield Retirement. Wit…

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Things to Love About Senior Living Utah

If you are looking for senior living communities in Utah, then the campus of Summerfield Retirement ( can meet your needs.

Our senior living community provides home for the elderly and the highest standards of service to our residents. We have a special flair and style to cele…

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Live Life to the Fullest at Retirement Communities Utah

Change isn’t easy, but with retirement communities augmenting care this it may not seem as difficult. Assisted living communities are indeed providing a better quality of life, wellness and a social life for seniors.

There are many compelling reasons to consider life in Retirement communiti…

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All You Need to Know About Utah Retirement Home

Assisted living can give seniors a new lease of life; it can be the best place for them.

There are many benefits offered by these assisted living facilities:

Safety – it provides a safe and comfortable environment for elders. Certain installations like bars to grab onto while in the shower or …

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Retirement Communities in Utah

The key to happy and comfortable retirement is to live in a place where there is access to good and affordable healthcare, plenty of places to visit, fun things to do and enjoy an active lifestyle with like-minded people. It’s a bonus if the weather is decent and the crime rate is low. Utah is such …

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Redefining Utah Assisted Living Community

Imagine an enriched lifestyle amid natural beauty with friendly neighbors after retirement. Today’s Utah assisted living communities offer a wide variety of services and amenities to their residents. Case in point is Summerfield retirement home in Utah.

Built near Mount Timpanogo, surrounded by…

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One of the Best States for Retirement – Utah

Utah is an outdoorsman’s paradise. The state has beautiful mountain valleys and five amazing national parks. The state boasts of a wide range of ski resorts and golf courses, making independent living in Utah perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts. Finding the perfect of retirement can be difficult and…

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Senior Apartments & Living Arrangements in Utah

Finding the perfect place to live your retirement years can be daunting and stressful for both you and your loved ones. Whether you desire for an active and independent senior lifestyle or looking for assisted living to help you cope up with your medical conditions is a difficult life decision. Howe…

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Summerfield – An Ideal Senior Living Community

Summerfield is a senior living community which provides Independent and Assisted Living for the seniors. It is a home away from home for the senior residents. All the residents are treated like the members of an extended family. It is a perfect mix of both personal and professional, as it provides h…

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Senior Apartments Utah

Finding ideal senior apartment can turn into a huge hassle. The reason is simple; there are numerous communities around, and it can be difficult to choose the one where you or your family member will move in. The best way to make the final decision is to look at the services and amenities they provi…

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Utah Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a place where people in retirement have an opportunity to spend their golden years socializing with other individuals, instead of being home alone. They’re ideal for people whose family members don’t live near or retirees who need assist…

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Retirement In Utah

Assisted living

Utah poses as one of the best places for retirement and this isn’t some promotional line to catch your attention, it’s a fact. According to the, out of 50 US states, Utah is at the very high, third place right behind Wyoming and Colorado.

So, what makes Utah so attractive for…

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