Senior Apartments Utah

Popularity of retirement communities has significantly increased nowadays and for a good reason. Many seniors choose to join such communities because they need a certain level of assistance or they simply want to socialize, meet new people, and enjoy their senior years. It’s a perfect place for all individuals who want to have independence without maintaining a home or feeling lonely in case their loved ones don’t live near.

If you, or someone you know, are considering joining some retirement community, here are the most important benefits that will inspire you to do so:

  • Maintenance and stress-free living
  • Ability to socialize, take up a hobby, entertain
  • All inclusive rent
  • A wide array of services and amenities
  • Assistance if needed.

When it comes to senior apartments Utah, Summerfield Retirement belongs to the group of communities that offer the most. The community was founded in 1999 with one goal – to create a big family whose members love spending time together. We can say we, definitely, succeeded in our intention as residents of this community do consider one another as family.


One of the best senior apartments Utah communities features assisted and independent living options and offers numerous perks to all residents. For example, independent living includes:

Some of many advantages of choosing Summerfield’s assisted living community are:

  • Transportation
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Emergency call-light assistance
  • Customized plan care plan that matches the level of assistance you need.


All residents at this community participate in various social, cultural, educational, and other entertainment activities. They also explore their passion, hobbies etc. Why? It’s because when choosing this senior apartments Utah community, residents have ability to retain their independence and get all help they need at the same time. We encourage everyone to continue with their hobbies and activities that make them happy.

What sets us apart from other communities is that we aim to create a family-like setting. In order to find out more about Summerfield retirement and our services and amenities, feel free to contact us.

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