Summerfield Retirement Offers Utah Assisted Living Solutions

Assisted living provides an effective solution to assist senior citizens in their hour of need without creating a feeling of helplessness within them. As growing older affects various parts of an individual’s health conditions and creates a larger set of medical requirements, it can be daunting on the senior citizen to face all of these vital changes within their own lives. Through offering a convenient Utah assisted living solution to senior citizens, Summerfield Retirement is able to provide twenty-four-hour assistance to citizens while also helping them stay independent at a maximum extend.

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Senior citizens interested in joining the community at Summerfield Retirement can choose between a studio and one-bedroom apartment to satisfy their needs. Each apartment offers a private bath, kitchen area and comes with housekeeping. Community members are also offered three meals per day. Meals are prepared by the head chef and a dietician to ensure every meal provides an adequate amount of nutrition while also satisfying the taste buds of every citizen. Several additional solutions are also offered to each resident, including:


·         Transportation service allows residents to get around town when they need to.

·         The on-site beauty and barbershop provides the perfect way for residents to keep themselves groomed at all times.

·         Customized care plans provide a personalized experience for each citizen.


Summerfield Retirement takes the health of their senior members seriously and provides a range of activities to keep them in shape. Daily exercise activities are introduced to members in order to keep them moving without putting too much stress on their bodies. Additional entertainment activities such as bingo and spiritual activities are also provided to citizens for their hour of fun. The retirement community also provides a church services every Sunday. In order to keep citizens in touch with the outside world, the community is also taken on several scenic outings.

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This Utah assisted living solution also comes with full healthcare benefits. Each resident in the Summerfield Retirement community receives regular healthcare checkups to ensure they are in a healthy condition and to ensure they are receiving adequate treatment for any conditions they might have. The staff at the retirement community works with the family members, as well as with healthcare professionals in order to provide effective healthcare solutions to each and every resident within the community.


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